Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enemies Of Reason - A Documentry by Oxford Prof. & Author Richard Dawkins. You may want to watch this.

Below is part one and two of 'The Enemies Of Reason', a great documentary about how scientific progress is hindered by superstition, blind faith, even go so far as to ride the coattails of scientific terminology such as Quantum theory. While this documentary doesn't mention biofeedback, it's level headed approach to alternative & holistic medicine, faith healing and even astrology, it really doesn't need to. This documentary blankets an industry bent against scientific method, basic proof, and overall accountability. Enjoy.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Well how about that. "The INDIGO Biofeedback System is not available for sale or distribution in Canada". I'm happy that they have been barred from selling this device in Canada and seems to be another nail in the coffin for this incredible scam. Hopefully the US follows Health Canada's example and finally puts these guys out of business for good. I just wonder when it's all over and done with - what color will they come up with next?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - They've finally slapped a sticker on it , re-worded it, changed the name and raised the price!

Bill Nelson is back - with a much more cosmetic looking version of his magic healing machine.

From the Eclosion device, from the QMCI, to the QXCI, the SCIO, the EPFX, the Eternale (the fountain of youth version) and now… (drumroll) The Indigo

Yes, it’s the Windows 7 of the SCIO/EPFX – it’s faster, more powerful and more accurate. They have breathed new life into it by adding standard technological standards and even gave it a color of it’s own.

You'll be pleased to know the new incarnation of the device is only $24,000 - 27,000.

The times are changing, but the message of this blog will remain the same. A placebo’s effect will remain the same no matter what shape the pill is or what color it is. Even if it is INDIGO.

Though I know with great (and perhaps inevitable) certainty, may people who read this blog will disregard my views and findings and perhaps believe that I, as well as many others who have spoken out against this device - is merely brainwashed by Pharmaceutical companies to believe that such miracle cures can not exist.

Let it be known, I am in no way supportive of the pharmaceutical conglomerates. In fact I think companies such as Pfizer are some of most corrupt and negligent companies being run today. At the end of the day, the focal point of this blog is not to rant about my own personal/political beliefs - the focal point is to have the readers who are considering purchasing the device or paying for a session to look not just at the retail web sites of the EPFX or Indigo, or the supposedly impartial accreditation groups - but look elsewhere.

Look at the pros and cons. Do your research and let it be un-swayed by anyone looking to cash in on your primary hopes. Ask yourself - if these devices could cure cancer - why would they charge so much money? That's what a pharmaceutical company would do isn't it? Ask for unbiased facts; look for any positive result that hasn't been fixed by someone within the industry. This is a device with an indisputably sorted past concocted by a man with an even more sorted past.

That is all I ask of those who read this blog – Do your homework. Do not be coerced by false hope and pseudo-science. Be objective, ask questions and come up with your own conclusion. I ask this without asking for a cent. Do you believe that these people are doing what they do out of the kindness of their hearts?

I have a feeling this new development will really get me adding to this blog more frequently.

Check out the flyer for the new device.


Remember folks, though this may seem like something new and exciting, but the price tag goes far beyond monetary means. These a-moral, ethically bankrupt, snake-oil salesmen will continue to try get your money no matter how much false hope they need to deploy. Let's remember that these are the exact same men and women that promised thousands of people a miracle cure that eventually led to the deaths of the two woman below. These people were wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, etc. I believe that those who have a conscience and a level head should do their best to spread the word that this industry and it's insidious ways should be stopped in their tracks before they can cash out anybody else's life savings.

The people who died

Karen McBeth
Karen McBeth, of Seattle, whose cancer had spread, spent $17,000 on one of William Nelson's EPFX machines. Her family said traveling to treatments robbed her of precious time with them.

JoAnn Burggraf
JoAnn Burggraf, of Oklahoma, sought EPFX treatment for joint pain because she didn't trust doctors. Undiagnosed leukemia painfully racked her body before finally killing her.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodnight Quantum Knights

I would like to thank Scott for bringing this to my attention:

Hello Quantum Community

Quantum Knights would like to take this time to thank all of you for all your support and involvement over the years. We have dedicated the last 4 years to providing you with as much education and support as possible all at our expense. This was a pleasure as it was always our GOAL TO PROVIDE THE BEST SUPPORT IN THE BUSINESS. Our impact speaks for itself as our Sales, Sales Support and Practitioner Support is a matter of public record. Quantum Alliance will continue their commitment acting as your EPFX broker, fulfilling your needs as EPFX Practitioners.

We greatly respect the administrative support that we have received over the years from the Quantum Alliance, and feel confident they will continue to grow as we have grown, even in these difficult times. We would like to recognize all of the hard work of all of our Quantum Knights, whose considerable time, energy and financial contributions made our support and sales The Number #1 RD in the world in the Quantum Community.

We have all learned a great deal in the last 4 years and continue to grow. This growth encourages change, and so The Quantum Knights at this time (sadly) will
*no longer * be representing the EPFX or acting as agent for the Quantum Alliance. We have changed our direction, but will always welcome practitioners to stop by and say hello at our Byrne Rd Location. We are very excited about our new journey and wish everyone the best.


Any questions regarding your SCIO/Training can be directed to

The Quantum Alliance *1-877-388-2004*

We send our greatest respects and well wishes to Selma Karamani (The Queen of The Quantum Knight Family)as well Adam Mandel.(You truly are a great example)

Special mention also: Jake Cunningham, Barb Decker ,Nadine Cutright, Anne Kent

Alliance Members such as Kathy Randal(Love you forever) Gage Tarrant(Incredible commitment and Great Heart, love you forever also), Brian Thompson, and Ken Wilkinson have been an integral part of bringing the field of bio-energetics into the public eye, we thank you and wish you well in future endeavors. As for our clients that make up the community we have been involved in working with for so long, we thank you for all your support, past, present, and future.

Your Friends,
~ The Quantum Knights International

Cell -604-219-2334

If you are curious to see what we are doing now, click Here

It seems the door has finally closed for one of the many brokerages of the EPFX. It is indeed a mixed blessing. As Scott said "It looks like the rats are abandoning the sinking ship. Why is this a mixed blessing? well, it seems Roger Lessard and The Quantum Knights "family" are doing what many will and likely have already done - switch over to The LIFE system which is just the same snake oil with a different label that has so far been excempt from such critisisms by media and Health Canada. Don't be fooled folks. It's the same bunk product just with a different look. No so-called "stress reduction" device should be trusted on the words of blind faith and a slippery salesman. Overall though It's nice to see the Quantum Knights web site is nothing more than a blank page of a dead internet doman, but this alone is no reason to take the pressure off of so many money hungry predators.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EPFX Banned For Sale In Canada. Now to see how the con men & women deal with this.

Date: 11 February 2009
To: All interested parties
From: Richard Lloyd
Re: suspension of Health Canada license for the EPFX

This is to inform you that as of 9 February 2009, the EPFX license issued to Eclosion Kft. by Health Canada has been suspended.

This means that the EPFX may not and will not be sold in Canada. It does not affect current owners and users of a current device that has been purchased prior to 9 February 2009.

The suspension of the license has come from Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate and is the result of numerous communications and an in-person “Opportunity to be Heard” meeting between Health Canada and myself, representing Eclosion Kft. and Gage Tarrant as a Compliance Officer of Education. This Opportunity to be Heard was also attended by our Canadian legal counsel. There were four members of Health Canada who were on the Board during the Opportunity to be Heard.

The regulations state that it is possible to apply for a new license within six months of the suspension of this first license. Maitreya Ltd. is currently reviewing this option with both legal and regulatory counsel.

Please feel free to contact me on richard@qxsubspace.com if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Richard Lloyd
Quality Manager

Well, it seems that the CBC Marketplace story on the EPFX has got Health Canada to finally act, and as of recently - The EPFX is not allowed to be sold in Canada. While numerous retailers and practitioners are going to bellyache about how it's been banned because the government is lobbied by the drug companies, it should really be noted the the CBC is not. Unlike most media outlets, it is not one of the many media outlets owned by some shadowy corrupt conglomerate. The story was fair but of course in the zombie like trance so many of these people are in, they'll just assume it was tilted, filtered and twisted around. As a man who worked side by side with some of the most prolific purveyours of EPFX, I will again say that it is a hoax. I applaud the CBC and Health Canada for making this bold move that will inevitably deteur people from shelling over their life savings for this archaic looking eletro-placebo. I feel sorry for the victims of this scam and sadly many will keep using the devices - they have at least the dam has been fixed from this flood of delusion, but I'm sure once the lake dries up they will no doubt find a way to dupe more people. It's been so long I assume that's all they know how to do.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The $20,000.00 Placebo... Imagine how many sugar pills you could buy.

"I will say that the EPFX device I have has created positive change in my life and in the lives of many people that I know. I do not know how it works, I do know that it does work in many beneficial ways. "
- Kevin - Energetic Science Practitioner
(as posted on EnergeticForum.com)

This is a common sentiment with those who operate or use the EPFX device. People claim that since their treatment(s) with the device their allergies have improved, migraines have been less frequent, etc. While many find such claims mystifying and thus indisputable The simple truth is that the EPFX is a placebo. It is nothing more than an archaic number generator that gives off low levels of electronic pulses to the human body. The software is - as retired Microsoft manager Mr. Bergstein says "A complete fraud,".

Here is an article on placebos I've recently found. It's amazing how the mind can do such miraculous things for the body. No Sci-Fi bamboozling necessary.
The Power Of The Placebo Effect: www.socyberty.com

This study's demonstration of the power of the placebo may also shed light as to why some people truly believe and claim alternative forms of medicine are effective, even when they have been scientifically proven to be ineffective. Today's world is filled with famous alternative forms of medicine and treatment, all of which have been debunked over and over by scientists. There are magnet therapists who claim that pain is caused by the iron in the blood, exorcists who claim it is caused by being possessed by a devil, and chiropractors who claim it is due to the back bone, even if the pain nowhere near the backbone. Even though such theories truly make no sense and are not supported by any empirical scientific evidence, practitioners of these theories still manage to gather a large number of believers. One logical and scientifically supported explanation for this popularity is because of the placebo effect. If these patients truly believe that they are being treated with the right medicine, they will feel better. After all, pain, depression, and so many different illnesses are all in the mind. Over time, such illnesses may naturally go away, but the patients will attribute the disappearance of symptoms to the alternative medicines. This increases their confidence in these alternative medicines, and the profit of the false doctors (Butler 74-95).